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Noel Riley Fitch’s book “Julia Child – Appetite for life”

27th January 2011 by Ed 5 Comments

More on Julia Child and Cookery At The Cove and Noel Riley’s Julia Child-Appetite for life.

Julie and Julia Movie Report

8th August 2009 by Ed 2 Comments

Report on the Julie and Julia movie.

What’s a penny mean to you?

24th June 2009 by Ed No Comments

We see them all the time on the ground. Do you ever pick them up? That’s the way it was until I read one of those internet pass around stories. Here’s what I remember about it: ‘There was a very rich man walking with his friend. Then the rich man stopped and picked up a […]

Julia is coming this fall 2009 (See the side bar and my Feb. 09 blog post)

5th June 2009 by Ed 1 Comment

Julia movie coming this fall 2009.

Cooking with Julia (POV)

14th February 2009 by Ed 10 Comments

How Julia Child came to cook at Cookery at the Cove, a point of view strategy that created a miracle and lots of fun.