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Airbnb live social media gratitude for and to all my visitors

25th December 2014 by Ed No Comments

This is the beginning of blog forum for excited fun people who love sharing and growing together. All guests have stayed at my house in the redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains

The 7 Deadly Sins of Brainstorming

3rd September 2013 by Ed 2 Comments

Brainstorming is like a hammer everyone has seen one but few actually use it to it’s fullest potential. It is usually done on the fly and the results are interesting but nothing seems to change after a session. Why? Because one or more of the 7 deadly sins of brainstorming have been committed.

PASSION QUEST (2 more free live sessions in Santa Cruz)

13th March 2013 by Ed 2 Comments

Passion quest find the energy to power your dreams. Added FAQs at end of post.

Bill Cosby in Sacramento at Success 2013

31st January 2013 by Ed No Comments

Bill Cosby says “It’s in you to do it.” Stop complaining and do it . You can do it.

Tom Antion’s Butt Camp for Internet Marketers

18th September 2012 by Ed No Comments

Comments from Tom Antion’s Butt Camp in LA September 2012. Internet marketing tips

Recent live events attended

13th November 2011 by Ed No Comments

Recent events attended.

Find your purpose and live it

1st February 2010 by Ed No Comments

This is a live workshop however I am considering making an online version to minimize travel and spread out the intensity. Please let me know what you think? eb

Upcoming event to jumpstart your dream

23rd April 2009 by Ed No Comments

Early announcement for the upcoming Saturday May 9th Finding and Building your Dreams Workshop before it fills up.

Report on the Laser Coaching in Santa Clara

22nd April 2009 by Ed No Comments

Report on the Laser Coaching in Santa Clara. They got a taste of a new life but most people need a coach to help them get the life of their dreams.

Laser coaching live event Santa Clara CC

13th April 2009 by Ed 3 Comments

Live Laser Coaching at Health Fair in the Santa Clara conference Center April 18th am and 19th pm. Find or confirm your passion in less than 15 minutes.