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18th February 2009 by Ed 5 Comments

A copywriters job is to look at their product from the customers point of view. Then they get paid for translating this information into words that sell.

Cooking with Julia (POV)

14th February 2009 by Ed 10 Comments

How Julia Child came to cook at Cookery at the Cove, a point of view strategy that created a miracle and lots of fun.

A dog’s life (POV)

14th February 2009 by Ed 2 Comments

Before I share more serious stories here is one that was just plain obvious. Duh! At one job I was fortunate to ride my bike through the industrial park and up a hill to downtown Santa Cruz for lunch. When I was cutting through the industrial park on my bike, I passed a little guard […]

My kid the author!b

14th February 2009 by Ed 1 Comment

Look Mom, I’m a writer! Become part of a published e-product this Fall (added this on 12/30/2010 edb) or once critical mass of good comments have accumulated. Let’s target Fall by Fall until this happens. Comments should focus on a success principle, how it worked for you, and what you learned.