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Posted by Ed - 26/03/09 at 04:03 am

This is your Blog Post, you can respond by clicking on Comments and add a new comment. Over 100  people attended this 60 minute Brainstorm your Future event. (Scroll down to see comments about the session results.)

This is the place where you can:

  • record comments
  • report your successes and how you got them
  • give the team your progress report on the action steps you completed
  • tell us what you are planning.
  • or ask for more ideas if you are stuck.



3/27/09 Day after the event.

Thank you participants, this was a very stimulating event and I saw great potential in all of you.

In the short feedback session (the one hour time slot) I heard wonderful comments  about self discovery and ideas that could potentially revo;utionize the way people  work. This is my Point of View on the ideas shared:

  • The idea of mobilizing seniors who are out of work to provide targeted solutions to companies on a project basis. The reduces the 40 hour work week to targeted application of their expertise.  The company gets the job done quickly and efficiently and the seasoned expert gets pay and satisfaction.
  • Yes there is a place for art in high tech. Look at the user guides and count how many pages are devoted to repeating the same information in foreign languages. It’s a waste of effort, time, paper, ink, and money when a gifted artist can communicate it without words. Artists give this a try and test it, develop a portfolio, share it, and we’ll see you at the top.  (a Zig quote).
  • Since my background of an early career is food, two people talked to me about specialized cookbooks. Great news with e-marketing you can publish it yourself as a digital product online.  Go to and see how others did it. There is no excuse to take ACTION. I have more to say about this in other programs.
  • There were many more great ideas and most of the time the only thing stopping them from being implemented is no action on the part of one who thought it up.
  • For those who need help on their specific projects, I have a next level 6 hour workshop that will grow your identified passion or dream or desire into a plan with action steps. In addition to your specific action plan you will learn:
    1) How to develop a supportive team of diverse people
    2) How to focus your brainstorming into your personal action plan
    3) And more
  • Saturday May 2 if there are 10 or more in the Sunnyvale area, I will find a place nearby. But I need to know by Friday April 3rd at 6 PM l  so I can make the arrangements otherwise it will be in the Felton/Mount Hermon area.
  • The cost is $97 for this session which includes 3 monthly followup group tele-coaching calls one/week.
  • Email me ASAP at


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