Report on the Laser Coaching in Santa Clara

Posted by Ed - 22/04/09 at 11:04 pm

It was fun and very satisfying that all 14 people over 2 days experienced what coaching was all about. In less that 15 minutes they saw the beginnings of a new future. I hope every one will move forward on living the life of their dreams.

Coaching is people helping people to see what their future can be based on their uniqueness. This was just a sample of  coaching. Some had an opportunity to get coached by more that one coach. This was great because they can choose the one who gave them the most value.

Fortunately all the people I coached have seen their new possibilities but unfortunately most will return to their humdrum lives because they won’t take action.  Sometimes it’s hiring a coach and other times it is doing something to move them in the direction of their new dream. Most people who have used coaches will say theu got there faster with a coach.

For those that want more out of life,  coaching has become popular. The life coach is like a sports coach. They will be there believing and encouraging the person. They stretch them with goals they can handle to get closer and eventually achieve what they are going for.

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