What’s a penny mean to you?

Posted by Ed - 24/06/09 at 06:06 am

We see them all the time on the ground. Do you ever pick them up?
That’s the way it was until I read one of those internet pass around stories. Here’s what I remember about it:

‘There was a very rich man walking with his friend. Then the rich man stopped and picked up a penny lying on the sidewalk. His friend asked, ‘you’re rich why would stop to pick up a penny?’

The rich man answered, ‘You see on the front of this penny above Lincoln’s head are the words In God We Trust. And every time I find a penny I pick it up, look at those words, and ask God ‘Am I trusting You at this very moment?’

From that day on I never pass a found penny without picking it up and asking the same question. Finding a penny now is like a random test of my awareness of God in my life. I hope this thought changes your life as it did mine.

My point of view about a tossed away or lost item of questionable monetary value has been changed by just one short pass around internet story.

If anyone has a copy of this original internet story please post it as a comment to this blog. Hopefully it will have the authors name so I can thank him. edb

PS: Someone asked about the copyright to the last post of Julie and Julia promotional video. According to an internet conference I attended a couple months ago a guy from Youtube.com said if the embed code is available the Youtube video is OK to post. Since this excerpt was an ad for the movie and the more who see it the better.

Here is a video from Youtube about the history of our American penny. Note I’m adding it to make a more interesting post. Warning clicking on other associated videos may eat up your precious time. Think before you click further-I know because it happens to me. So trust the the video shown is the best I could find in the limited time I have allotted to this post.

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