Find your purpose and live it

Posted by Ed - 01/02/10 at 04:02 pm

For Believers who are looking for more out of life


Finding and Living God’s Purpose for Your Life

  • Jump start your search for life satisfaction in a supportive environment
  • Use the individual pieces of your life experiences, passions, and desires to put it together
  • Find your strengths and unique characteristics
  • How do other people see you? (An outside-in look at yourself)
  • Find out how to identify main passion and which will propel your into living your dreams
  • How does God see you? And He has a unique plan for your life
  • You will leave with an assessment of who you are based on your excitement for life
  • You create a vision of dream of what a satisfying life could look like
  • You will create a plan to move forward toward your dream

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