How to Discover Your Dream Career

Posted by Ed - 10/11/10 at 10:11 pm

This short presentation was targeted for students at UC Santa Cruz and presented live on Friday November 12, 2010 3-5 PM at the UCSC Career Center. But it is not limited to the students who attended this presentation, it is for anyone wanting MORE out of life. I will be part of a career panel and  have about 15 minutes to get three key points or tools to help you discover your dream career.

In my meeting with students, I have seen and heard many visions that are limited to just  finishing school and finding a job. I was there as well, At seventeen,  I choose engineering because I hated writing and was fairly good at math. I choose an engineering school because it was small and I thought that I would goof off too much if I went to a big university (my second choice). I choose a job in San Francisco because I liked to be near the ocean and if I didn’t like the job at least, I thought, I would like the city. I was right I liked the city but not the job.

After several careers, there is more to life than just JOB. I want students to look beyond finishing school, to look beyond just  getting a JOB, and to look for direction toward their life purpose, their life’s work, and their Dream Career. One’s life’s work should be something you get to do and not just have to do. Because this is so important I have written my presentation notes and will issue them as blog posts.

It is my prayer that this work adds a purposeful and meaningful direction  to your life. Please comment. Your comments will encourage others to comment and all will grow from you sharing your thoughts.

If you attended the presentation, please comment on this post and other posts. Share any of your thoughts, insights, and/or revelations. What’s your passion? What’s your dream career? Click the comment link below the title to add a comment. Bookmark this site so you can return for more posts based on the presentation.

Thank you. EdB

Here we are almost the last day of December 2010, UCSC International Students this  blog post is for you to add comments and ask questions about building your dream careers.

One person asked about the book I recommended: it was  Dale Carnegie’s How to win friends and influence people.  Published years ago it still should be available at Amazon or Bookshop Santa Cruz, or the Book Cafe in Capitola can order it for you.  I think it should be required reading for every high school student,  US or International. Mr. Carnegie shares human relation principles that are still valid today in helping win friends and influence people.

Here’s a tip (or assignment)  that will help you make friends with a stranger.  “Ask them what they do for a living or like to do for fun? And get interested in knowing more about their work or their interests.  What you are listening for is find some common ground where both of you can have a conversation.  A friend Clarence says that ” A stranger is just a friend you have  not met yet.”  (Please add your comments to this post and tell us how it went.)

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