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Posted by Ed - 29/12/10 at 07:12 pm

As we close 2010 and greet 2011, You should know that I am a Christian and a recommitted  follower of Jesus Christ since February 18, 1984. So when it comes to motivational stuff, I know that all good things come from God. To prove that I will be using the Bible and Bible verses to confirm that some (maybe even all) of the popular motivational thoughts drawn from ancient wisdom came from the Bible. I am not a trained Bible scholar, so this is your opportunity to constructively comment  growing the ideas in a  positive way to help all of us who read this blog.

In this episode, we will explore Life Purpose. This article titled “Living your purpose”  was published a month or so ago in a small  Christians In Commerce Newsletter and address some of my thoughts on the topic. So here we go:

I know that God through the years has led me to have favorite Bible characters that have had special meaning to me thereby giving me an anchor in the Word and special understanding and insights into God’s purpose for my life.

One of these characters was Nehemiah, the king’s wine steward. He was a guy I could relate to because of my own background as a wine and food writer for over fifteen years. But Nehemiah was more. I asked God why Nehemiah had such a burden for Jerusalem’s fallen walls (Neh 1:4) that would cause him to risk his cushy job to become a project manager hero of the Old Testament.

About six years ago in thinking about God placing this burden on Neheimah’s heart, I asked God what burden did You place on my heart?  After praying that question, I sensed that God made everyone an individual with a unique purpose that only they could accomplish in their unique way and no one is helping them find it.

What I have concluded thus far is that God uses who we already are, our unique experiences, our unique desires, and our unique gifts to fulfill His purpose for our life in a unique way.

I just finished reading a book by Robert Morris called From Dream to Destiny. Robert used another Bible character Joseph to illustrate the ten tests you must go through to fulfill God’s Purpose for your life.

He concludes “You will not know specifics. All you really know is that you have a gift and a direction from God, so you must be faithful to that gift…after you stepped into your destiny, you will look back and understand.” See Genesis 45:5-8 and think about this and your calling or what burden God has put on your life.  We know just do it moves people in the secular world maybe just prayerfully do it is a Christian version.

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  1. Rahul says:
    October 3rd, 2015 at 2:32 pm

    Your blog reminds me of a line from one of the Tom Cruise miveos . Help Me Help You . Chewing on that for a second, I make the connection that if the 80% you speak of believed that helping their neighbor would ultimatly help themselves by improving the quality of life, we would be one step closer to transitioning our community from a group of mostly strangers to a close knit family. The long pole in that tent of course is getting the buy-in of the 80%. I see and hear many of those 80% acting as though they must take care of #1, so no real time is left for the team approach. I believe they are crying out . Tell me there is more to life than this ? I think most, certainly more than the 20%, want to belong and participate in a larger purpose in life than they see everyday. Getting them connected to a vision larger than themselves sounds like a leadership challenge for the 20% . Good stuff! Standing by for those equipping tools!

  2. Ed says:
    December 25th, 2015 at 11:58 pm

    Hi Rahul; Sorry I just found your comment. Thanks for sharing your ideas. The Tom Cruise thought that you started with is closer to my current thinking. Just help or encourage one person at time and pass it on as the Pay it Forward Movie says. Just do good now as the opportunity presents itself and have present living become a way of life. EB

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