Books, I love them

Posted by Ed - 23/07/12 at 07:07 am

Just approved an encouraging comment on my Julia Post, Thank you. Bloggers are encouraged to post regularly and in the early days I had a burst of energy and only a few comments. This one valid comment (rather than the spam I rejected) has encouraged me to start a new category: Books.

As a writer, I know how difficult it is to get a book published. Usually this involves a query letter, a market assessment, the long process of research, writing, and delivery. Not to mention the rewrites oh yes the rewrites. I will write more how and engineer who hated writing became writer.

For now I am introducing a new category, Books. Why because I love them and at library sales and flea markets one can get them cheap 25 cents to a dollar. And if you are like me the fun is in the hunt. One never knows what one will find.

My thoughts at this point is to go through my staggering collection and write about a few key points that caught my eye before selling them or donating them to the library. At these bargain prices, I bought them just to spend a little more time just to see if I could find a success point or two that is worth remembering.

With hard copy books being phased out (so to speak) and being replaced by digital versions. What are your thoughts on books and even more important, which books are in your collection and why are you keeping them around?

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