Tom Antion’s Butt Camp for Internet Marketers

Posted by Ed - 18/09/12 at 11:09 pm

Just attended Tom Antion’s Internet Marketing seminar in Los Angeles this past weekend September 15-16, 2012. The main reasons I went was to be with like minded people, get inspired, get new ideas, and to move my efforts to the next level.
1. Yes, we were all like minded and wanted to learn more about how we take our next step to do some ‘actual doing’ in internet marketing. Tom showed how a person with many ideas can develop them. The trick is to do them one at a time and keep them separate.
2. I got inspired because all my previous training has said to stick to one thing, your niche. Find you niche and get rich so some say. Tom’s first niche started with public speaking ( then he created a Wedding toast product, a eulogy product etc. With those products he developed his internet marketing expertise thereby creating a bigger niche umbrella. So I wasn’t surprised to find
3. My ‘take away’ idea was actually confirming that could start about three new blogs and then when people start commenting on one of them that will inspire me to write more on the ones people were interested in. Otherwise, I would only continue to get ready and nothing would get done.

I heard about Tom Antion many years ago (circa 2003) during my Area Governorship with Toastmasters and my advanced training with Dale Carnegie in San Francisco. He was the first person that I was pointed to as specializing in Speaking and Internet Marketing; this event was truly Success Revisited for me.

I asked about eight people whom I met to comment on this post. If you are one of them this is perfect place to add a comment or share what you learned at the Butt Camp. And yes your can end with your website or blog’s address. Just click on the comment link and post your thoughts or questions

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