Bill Cosby in Sacramento at Success 2013

Posted by Ed - 31/01/13 at 11:01 pm

I have attended about four of these SUCCESS events over the past years. Like the others there were good to great speakers and many motivational nuggets. Some speakers delivered good content but had something more to sell (continuing education). Thankfully, the promoters kept these ‘next step offers’ at a low price. But usually the follow up events will lead to higher ticket items that sound irresistible. This is where they make their money. TIP: IF you are in the perfect position to take advantage of their next step offer it may work for you; PROVIDED you follow through by committing the time to take action. The truth is most people don’t take all the action necessary to make it work. As a rule of thumb I go for the experience and not to buy more stuff. Like wine tasting used to be, you go for the free samples, to learn, and to enjoy the experience.

There also were headliners (the celebrity people) that offered motivational information without trying to sell you a next step. These were the people that drew the crowd and filled the room. Bill Cosby was one of those that delighted the audience by serving the wisdom of his experience.

Bill Cosby started by saying they asked me to motivate you. It’s difficult because you got to do it yourself and most people know what to do but they can’t decide when to do it? They’re always wishing but not doing. Their common response to the actions they got to take is “I know. I know”
-You got to stop smoking, ‘I know:. You got to stop over-eating. ‘I know…
-He asked ‘How many people were managers and brought their employees here to get them motivated?’ SOLN: Show them a video of people out of work and they will get very motivated.
-Believe in yourself; Don’t talk yourself into failure (by doing nothing); Don’t make yourself scared (by fearing failure).
-Start to act and You’ll get divine intervention.
-The Bible old and new tells you what to do. You got to activate it.
-An old saying: ‘Trust in ALA but tie up your camel (so it doesn’t run away). You can’t keep wishing.’
-‘Stop complaining it’s in you to do it.
-All the speakers that came earlier were just about begging you ‘to do’. Do something. Even James Brown has a song that says DO IT. eb

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