PASSION QUEST (2 more free live sessions in Santa Cruz)

Posted by Ed - 13/03/13 at 08:03 pm

Not sure what to do with your life? or what you were meant to do with your life? That certainly was a question that I pondered heavily while working at my first job as a Mechanical Engineer. I was right on one thing if I didn’t like the job, I would love the city. That was San Francisco in 1967.

When I noticed that I was taking too many mini-coffee breaks, to get free from my drafting board projects, I knew that I needed to find something more exciting to do. But what? That was the big question.

From my Fall of 1967 Dale Carnegie (DC) Leadership Course, I learned that the secret of being a great speaker was to find something that I knew as well as my personal experience; because I knew from DC course that sharing from personal experiences automatically made non speakers much better communicators.

So what was “it” for me. I asked myself what was my thing? What gets me motivated? What makes me alive and live in the moment? What was “my passion”?

Three years later I found my “it”. I formulated a dream, created a plan, and worked the plan until I was living my first dream. “I was playing around with food all day and getting paid for it.

My “it” was my passion and that is why I am doing a free 60 minute Passion Quest session at the Santa Cruz Public Library as you see in the side bar. Once you identify your passion “it” cracks the code to your future. It will be my gift to you if you are trying to find what to do with your life. eb

3/17/13 Question: After the first event: What is the difference between passion and interest? This person had lots of interests. My answer: Passion to me is when something stimulates me just by thinking about it. In this case, I felt drained at work and found that when I started thinking about food, a recipe, or a new restaurant energy would start filling me. That energy made me become alive and helped me make it through my day. This affect consistency triggered aliveness and gave me the energy to move my work projects ahead. Interests, on the other hand, were there but them alone did not provide a change of state just by thinking about them.

My answer continues: In this person’s discussion of ‘many interests’ a consistent thread that I identified as passion was writing and editing (that came easy). In passion quest, we look for something that will generate positive actions. Writing and editing does not come easy to everyone. In these times of increasing change, we have more opportunities to explore a passion than ever before. Use the internet. A website such as allows one to find or post writing and editing jobs. It does require a person setup for a free account and have some computer skills. Since this post will be read by many different people, here is something easier to do and it can be done on a Public Library Computer. (a) Go to and (b) type in elance and (c) choose elance tutorials you will get over 2,370 video postings. This is the ‘doing part’ of developing your passion. It will work for any passion that you may have identified. Please add a comment to this post, if you took action or have a comment or question. TY eb

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  1. Becca says:
    April 2nd, 2013 at 5:33 am

    Great post dad, glad to see you are updating your website! Well written about the “it”! Love you

  2. Ed says:
    April 2nd, 2013 at 8:47 pm

    Thanks Becca. Hope all is going well on your Brazil trip. Love you. dad

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