Your Passion is your secret source of energy

Posted by Ed - 30/04/13 at 11:04 pm

It was identifying my passion that gave me a clue as to what I should do with my life. In today’s terms it could lead me to a future life purpose.

During my second year of work as a mechanical engineer at the San Francisco Shipyard about 1968, my work days were becoming repetitive. As I meticulously designed and drew the details of a new metal pulley system, I realized that I started to take too many little coffee breaks to reset my focus.

Until one day when I started to think about visiting an interesting restaurant from a pink paperback book called the San Francisco Underground Gourmet, I came alive and breezed through the rest of the day.

As this phenomenon became more frequent I could only explain it as: “When I start thinking of food, energy ‘kind of’ trickles through my big toe and fills me up with energy and enthusiasm for the rest of the day”.

Identifying that my passion was something about food in those early days allowed me to create a dream and begin living it three years later. It was simply fun and exciting. I first explored the possibilities then created a plan and Wala! I stated living my first dream in 1972.

Your passion may not appear in the same way. Some people know their passion as kids and pursue it. But others may have entered the work force by a presented opportunity or by accident without the luxury of planning. Now they might be working to simply pay the bills until something else comes along.

Identifying your passion at any age and doing something about it can energize you to live a more fulfilling life. The choice is yours.

Take a positive step forward and attend the last Passion Quest on May 11th at the SC Central Public Library from 3:45 to 4:45PM. If you can’t make it, add a comment to this post. eb

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