What happened living dream 1?

Posted by Ed - 19/06/13 at 10:06 am

When I identified my passion in my early work years (after college), it allowed me to create a dream and begin living it three years later. I created a plan to achieve the dream, and then worked the plan until I knew I was living my dream. I was 27 at the time I had arrived at this conclusion.

People are all different. For me at 27 and living my dream job, I was bubbly happy. I exploded with extra energy. I couldn’t even use all the energy and excitement at work. I trained myself under Master Chef Ken Wolfe, created and conducted wine appreciation classes at the new Pleasant Hill Recreation Center, and developed food and wine comination dinners at local restaurants. This enthusiasm pulled in many related directions.

One afternoon at work while recording my food lab tests, I felt like I might be having difficulty breathing. “How could that be? I’m doing what I love, living my dream and this can’t be happening to me.” So I sat at my desk and breathed deeply a few times and then discovered the “Stress Circle” process to heal myself and become happy again.

I would be glad to share it but I need at least one person must ask me to share it by creating a comment and submitting it. The comment comes to my email and I have to approve it. To approve it I get back into my blog and then I will share with you the mystery of the Stress Circle. EB

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