Notebooks and journals and how to use them

Posted by Ed - 01/08/13 at 09:08 am

Many times I see someone using a composition book or journal and I can’t resist asking them if they have written on the first six pages. It took me years to invent how to use a simple bound black composition book most effectively. (This system also works for pocket notebooks. When completed I write the year on top so I can see it when stored in an old 3 1/2″ floppy storage drawer.)
1. Activate the book by snipping and inch off the bottom right corner of the first six pages.
2. Then snip another inch off the top right corner off the first six pages and write the number ‘!’ on the first uncut corner. Now you are ready to enter data, drawings or doodles. These Composition books have been around since my grade school and have been on sale for as little as 33 cents before school starts in the fall.
3. At this point use it freely to record your thoughts, inspirations, lecture notes, etc. I continue to snip or tear off the right corner of each completed page so I am ready for the next entry.
4. This composition book becomes more valuable to you as you continue to use it. Check that your contact information is on the cover and current. I have lost a 3/4th full book and felt I lost a chunk of my life
5. Be sure to date entries to set the point in time of your entry. At a minimum add a date on your first entry and your last one.
6. I number pages on on the right side only; a busy work task when I am waiting for something.
7. Usually I do a Table of Contents when I am looking for something. If it’s something specific I note it on the first page as a quick TOC note. Then when I want to review my activity I add the page by page content topics.
8. When the Composition book is full I write the last two digits of the year on the spine of the book and store it on a bookshelf.
9. Unless you are going to an event that you may need a new composition book, the TOC will allow you to keep track of multiple short events and thoughts.
10. I use the exact same process for the smaller pocket size little notebooks or any bound blank or lined notebooks.

Please let me know with a comment if this works for you?

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