Fear of Failure Story

Posted by Ed - 03/10/13 at 11:10 pm

A friend of mine, Darren LaCroix won the 2002 Toastmaster International Speech Competition in the first 30 seconds. It had to do with fear of failure and here is how he did it:
This was the final round and his third unique speech in the International Speech Competition. Darren comes on stage and welcomes the audience (then briefly pauses). He raises his hand and asks “How many people here are afraid to fall flat on your face?” (Another pause allowing the audience to think) “We’ll, I’m here to tell you (He raises his forefinger to make his big point). The audience can sense his excitement but Darren with his hand still raised high in the air stumbles and falls forward flat on his face. The expectant audience audibly gasps. (Seconds that felt like minutes passed as the audience wondered what happened) then he raised his pointing hand off the floor and continues “THAT every time you fall on your face (As he gets up off the floor and then points back to where he started his speech) you are that much closer to your goal. Then Darren continued his seven minute Toastmaster winning speech.

With Darren’s permission, I sometimes demonstrate how he won that speech in the first 30 seconds by taking out my black wallet and placing it near the back heel of my foot as I start describing how Darren won. The difference being that after I get up I point back to my black wallet showing the audience that every time you try for a goal and fail when get back up you are about three feet closer to your goal.

This little story was inspired by a wonderfully creative blog post titled “Press Start No Permission needed” on http://dustn.tv/press-start/#more-4507. My good friend Randy read an excerpt during our Master Mind session yesterday. And I said you got to send it to me. Dustin W. Stout talks about how we as a society have been brainwashed to think we need permission to live our dreams and he suggests just go for it using whatever time you can make available. No Permission needed.

My addition is to shoot up a quick prayer so that you know that you know you prayed before pushing start because going for it will change your life.

Have you been inspired to overcome your fear and start going for your dream? Share as a comment to this post what you feel comfortable sharing and know that you have taken a step forward. Congratulations!

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