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Posted by Ed - 14/02/09 at 08:02 pm

Your name, your story, and your website can be included in this Fall’s e-product.

Be an inspiration to others:

Your story will inspire others to practice success principles highlighted in this blog. As you focus on ways to make the principle work for you or remember and share when it did work for you; that is when personal growth occurs. Doing or thinking of one success principle at a time with other like- minded people, will give us the ‘safety in numbers’ confidence to achieve to the next level of our accomplishment.

Eventually these success principles and stories will be turned into an exciting motivating e-product showing that ordinary people can do extra-ordinary things by practicing success principles.

Get credit for your stories:

We want to give you credit for your work. When you post a motivational story we ask you to add your name and website to your story.

Not all stories will be taken to the next level but those that are will continue to have their name and their website associated with it. Those not wanting to have their name added to theer story simply don’t add that information but feel free to make your blog contributions.

At a later date but before September 1st, if you want your byline removed just send me an email to with a subject line: Please remove my byline and paste in the date and content of your story with your byline.

Make money:

So far these are the guidelines for the blog and the plan for an  e-product. All included writers can become affiliates which means when you send your mom, relatives, friends, and associates your affiliate link and they buy the product your get a percentage of the sale. For all digital products this can be as much as 50%. Thanks mom.


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