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Posted by Ed - 12/03/09 at 04:03 am

I don’t use words similar to the one missing above But it starts with h and ends with l;  just so we know what I am trying to say.

Actually, after I POV  the situation described above it usually turns out to be rarely like it first seemed.

My first job after my Masters degree in Food Science from UC Davis was the job I dreamed about. I was inventing new food products for a large food company in the east bay.

After about a month, I was transferred to the Goumet foods department and even one step closer to heaven. I remember rolling my little stainless steel cart from the lab to the kitchen kind of feeling like I was on Cloud 9  happy and full of excited energy.

Then my boss, started looking over my cart and size of containers I choose, began giving me a lecture about choosing the right containers. Remember, I ‘m full of energy and excitement and now I’m at a stop light and there is no sign of the green light ever appearing.  As this happened day after day my excitement started to fizzle.

“Hold it”,  I told myself as I remembered the Dale Carnegie Principle  from the course I took just five years earlier in San Francisco. “Where is this guy coming from? “(another way of saying what’s his Point Of View?).

I asked myself these questions:

  • Is he deliberately trying to destroy me or suppress my enthusiasm? No he was here first and I’m supposed to be his helper.
  • Is he deliberately trying to be nit picky to aggravate me? No he felt it was his duty to train me so my mistakes would be minimal and my efforts would be efficient.
  • Where is he coming from? I asked him directly in conversation, both he and his wife escaped Nazi Germany and came to the states. Both had experienced horrors of war and still even express signs of depression. They had no children and to a small degree I ( 24 years old at the time) was his project.

Talking and asking questions to understand each other solved the problem. He turned out to be a good boss. I learned to recognized when he was depressed and quickly loaded up my ingredients on the  little stainless steel cart and moved out to the kitchen where I could happily “play around with food all day and paid for it”*

*These were the exact words I used to describe my dream job just two years  and two months earlier while I was working as a Mechanical Engineer at the San Francisco Bay Naval Shipyard. edb

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