Why this blog?

I took the Dale Carnegie Leadership Course when I was 21 years old (1968) and it changed my life. The 30+ Success Principles taught during the 14 week course when implemented changed the participant’s lives before my very eyes. Each week we looked forward to reports from the field where participants reported on what happened as they applied the success principles. It is still taught today (in 12 weeks) and it still changes lives. (Posted when i started the Blog years ago and now it is changing.)

The blog started to go through the Dale Carnegie Principles with examples for each one. However, as I started to list the Human Relation Principles, all of them came down to Point of View and I realized that everyone has a point of view to be understood before good communication can happen.

Getting people to comment on the posts has been tough. The most comments came from my Julia post. I now hope my post on Martin will generate comments. Comments and interaction under each post make it interesting for readers and make me want to do more. Each comment comes to my inbox and prompts a response from me. Thanks for finding this and reading it.