Brendon’s High Performance Academy was great!

Just got back from Brendon Bouchard’s High Performance Academy Nov. 3-6. My excitement about life is regenerated. After 4 days of pouring out his excited and focused heart to 500 eager participants who love his work, Brendon held his audience for three ten hour days and seven hours on the last day Sunday with his high energy and extremely valuable content.

Most people are just getting by, some are in their comfort zones, but high performance people are pushing themselves to higher levels of performance and so they can help the people they serve to also aspire to their highest level of performance and success.

Do you want to read about how I will be summarizing my high points and take-a-ways that can help you do the same?

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If you attended and got my card, please say “I was there and want to see what you have to say about it…”
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If I coached or talked with you and you got something out of my time with you please share one thing that worked for you that might help the readers of this blog. “The one thing I learned from Ed that will help others is …”

Thank you. EB

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