Six Areas of Worker Happiness

22nd December 2012 by Ed 4 Comments

People that know me and those that have attended my workshops know that I use my life stories as examples on how I found happiness in work. From the stories I point out how the lessons learned can apply to them. Usually we brainstorm a related question as applied to their own life as a way of assessing who they are and identify experiences that can help them discover their passions leading to a unique vision, goal, or purpose for their life.

There is nothing new under the sun. So I find it hard to get into books of other motivators. Many have arrived at the same conclusions through their own life experiences. In a way that’s good because it adds validity to the principles. In another way it gets to be same-o same-o.

As I look for confirmation that the happiness I experienced in pursuing my dreams can work for others, I will present them here as in this case. After three sets of ten year work experiences, my current dream or mission is:”to help people see a vision their next level of success”. I do that through dialog and formal or informal brainstorming.

However, while looking for more information to support this mission, I stumbled upon these ‘six areas for a worker’s happiness’* and they reflect what I have found to be true. Please use them as a guide or target for finding your own happiness at your work, career, or avocation:
1. a manageable workload: When you’re super creative or have a micromanaging boss it is hard to stay focused on one thing. However my best work gets accomplished when I focus on one thing. Best example was my work at Cookery at the Cove, the featured cooking school in Bon Appetit April 1979. The vision was to provide the best weekend cooking school experience in the world and the sub mission “They come as strangers and leave as friends.” The work was manageable and save for an hour and sleep we worked until the quests left on Sunday afternoon.
2. a sense of control: Because Jack at the cooking school let me rent his ocean view house and to do a cooking weekend on my own, I knew, that when we worked together a month later, exactly what had to be done during the weekend to accomplish the goal. Control was just doing what had to be done to accomplish the same result.
3.the opportunity for rewards: Pay at the Cove was based on the attendees. In the early days it was a small amount and later it was more. The satisfaction of quests happy and hugging after the Sunday Brunch provided more happiness than any money could ever provide.
4. a feeling of community: At the cove the potential staff found us and even worked for free the first time and then proposed how their contribution could contribute to the goal (the best cooking school in the world).
5. faith in the fairness of the workplace: our pay varied depending on the number of attendees. In the early days with only a few attendees, I know that Jack the founder took no pay for himself. He was definitely fair.
6. shared values: People joined the Cove team to be part of the vision and because of that every other month a cove weekend would be locked into our schedules.

*These came from a book highlighted in my Public Library: What to do with the rest of your life by Robin Ryan. She cited these six areas from the work of Christina Maslasch a pioneer researcher and author of The Truth about Burnout.

Please comment on this post; what do you think about these six areas?

Tom Antion’s Butt Camp for Internet Marketers

18th September 2012 by Ed No Comments

Just attended Tom Antion’s Internet Marketing seminar in Los Angeles this past weekend September 15-16, 2012. The main reasons I went was to be with like minded people, get inspired, get new ideas, and to move my efforts to the next level.
1. Yes, we were all like minded and wanted to learn more about how we take our next step to do some ‘actual doing’ in internet marketing. Tom showed how a person with many ideas can develop them. The trick is to do them one at a time and keep them separate.
2. I got inspired because all my previous training has said to stick to one thing, your niche. Find you niche and get rich so some say. Tom’s first niche started with public speaking ( then he created a Wedding toast product, a eulogy product etc. With those products he developed his internet marketing expertise thereby creating a bigger niche umbrella. So I wasn’t surprised to find
3. My ‘take away’ idea was actually confirming that could start about three new blogs and then when people start commenting on one of them that will inspire me to write more on the ones people were interested in. Otherwise, I would only continue to get ready and nothing would get done.

I heard about Tom Antion many years ago (circa 2003) during my Area Governorship with Toastmasters and my advanced training with Dale Carnegie in San Francisco. He was the first person that I was pointed to as specializing in Speaking and Internet Marketing; this event was truly Success Revisited for me.

I asked about eight people whom I met to comment on this post. If you are one of them this is perfect place to add a comment or share what you learned at the Butt Camp. And yes your can end with your website or blog’s address. Just click on the comment link and post your thoughts or questions

Books, I love them

23rd July 2012 by Ed No Comments

Just approved an encouraging comment on my Julia Post, Thank you. Bloggers are encouraged to post regularly and in the early days I had a burst of energy and only a few comments. This one valid comment (rather than the spam I rejected) has encouraged me to start a new category: Books.

As a writer, I know how difficult it is to get a book published. Usually this involves a query letter, a market assessment, the long process of research, writing, and delivery. Not to mention the rewrites oh yes the rewrites. I will write more how and engineer who hated writing became writer.

For now I am introducing a new category, Books. Why because I love them and at library sales and flea markets one can get them cheap 25 cents to a dollar. And if you are like me the fun is in the hunt. One never knows what one will find.

My thoughts at this point is to go through my staggering collection and write about a few key points that caught my eye before selling them or donating them to the library. At these bargain prices, I bought them just to spend a little more time just to see if I could find a success point or two that is worth remembering.

With hard copy books being phased out (so to speak) and being replaced by digital versions. What are your thoughts on books and even more important, which books are in your collection and why are you keeping them around?

Recent live events attended

13th November 2011 by Ed No Comments

I am not sure why my recent posts did not stick. So here is a summary of the events I attended in the Bay Area:
November 11, 12, and 13 Armand Morin Live Hyatt Regency SFO. Lots of internet marketers and many are using Armand’s products. One of Armand’s talents is to create cutting edge systems to make live easier for internet marketers. We saw the step by step live creation and submission of a new new product. Lots of bullet tips and met some wonderful people.

November 3, 4, 5 and 6 Brendon Bouchard High Performance Academy in Santa Clara near Great America. Lots of great tips on how to become a high performer. Brendon demonstrated high performance for four non stop ten our days.

October 14 and 15 Austin Walsh covered social media and a few guest presenters covered a wide range growth and internet ideas.

If you want to know some of the tips, concepts shared, and/or overview of learnings add a comment and say “Ok Ed show me the good stuff!” and pick one event to start.

If I met you at the event, Say ‘Hi’ and and add your name, niche, and web site and a comment on the event and/or add a question.

If I coached at the event, could you name the event and share one thought that helped you that might help the readers of this blog post? Optional, you can add your web site and niche.

Thanks for beginning an blog interaction.

PS: Nice meeting everyone.
PPS: I hope this post sticks on the blog this time. EB

A Featured Coach in SVCF 2/11

7th February 2011 by Ed No Comments

As posted on the in February 2011:

Ed Borowiec Coach Profile
Ed Borowiec
Find the passion to power your dreams
Quality System Consulting and E-Product Development Coach
Entrepreneurs/small business owners on overwhelm. Solidify your quality system by meeting ISO requirements.
People without a dream or a vision that need one to feel fulfilled and happy. Find your passion to power your dream.
Mid-life plus people looking to produce and e-product as a source of passive income.
Contact Coach:
Paste in the email address if clicking doesn’t work or comment on the post and I will reply to your note.

Noel Riley Fitch’s book “Julia Child – Appetite for life”

27th January 2011 by Ed 5 Comments

After I started this Blog a year or so ago, there were almost no comments and at times, it like writing to myself.  However, recently I had a few encouraging comments. There is actually a real world out there that reads blogs. Thank you.

So here one catch up post about Julia. It is  in response to a kind comment and a request for more:

There were a few other comments on the Cooking with Julia post. Thank you.

For the person wanted more on Julia. Please refer to Noel Riley Fitch’s book  “Julia Child – Appetite for life”,  our Cookery At the Cove weekend cooking  class was mentioned (indirectly) on page 424 under ‘Julia the teacher’ the writer says:  “She taught four-day weekend classes at the Stillwater Cove Ranch on the Sonoma coast in 1981 …”. The Stillwater Cove Ranch (SCR) was where we had the Cookery at the Cove weekend wining and dining adventures and where Julia taught with us. The SCR is still around today and it is a motel frequented by skin divers.  An old plaque above the back door to the old boys ranch kitchen reads “Where Great Cooks pass” or something like that and the lobby used to have an album of our events.  So to the person who wanted more about Julia the book is now available and it’s accurate.

Right below that Stillwater Cove mention the author of the book  writes: “Her most elegant experience was teaching for three years in the week long “Great Chefs” series for the Mondavi vineyards. It was” another writer was quoted “the total gastro Rolls-Royce treatment,”.

Jack, the founder of Cookery at the Cove, and I always laughed because this was about the same time Julia visited our country cove experience.  Imagine Julia’s experience. where Designer  Billy Cross and Chef Michael James provided Julia with Mondavi wine country elegance and luxury for a week, we provided a cleaned up old boy’s ranch overlooking the ocean at Stillwater Cove.   Where in Napa they had might have had a classical environment,  we had country charm, warm hospitality and even great entertainment.

Our Saturday night dinner had seven courses with seven wines poured into seven sets of wine glasses and seven sets of silverware and dishes.  As the evening went on under our master maitre d , Tom, the each set of tableware was removed until the flaming dessert course was finished and table ware was removed.  The table was now clean except for the cups and saucers for flaming coffee before our backwoods country show, a cabaret of staff behind the scenes.  Jack the host was announced by Ed, me, pop up top hat and magic cane and bellowing announcement: “Introducing back from his culinary tour of European eating establishments through the b a c k  D o o r, Monsieur Jack Schneider”.

Then out comes a ‘clem kadiddlehopper red skelton-type’ character in a trench coat and crushed 40’s hat to do his world famous harmonica act.   No sooner did the applause settle down, then from the other side of grand dining room from the kitchen door out came our maitre d in tails and white gloves who pristinely sat at the piano and began playing his version of chopsticks.  But wait,  the long haired and bearded dishwasher with a wet spotted apron now comes out of the same  kitchen door-of all things- sweeping the floor intently. This stopped Tom’s playing cold. In this awkward moment, the dishwasher carefully puts down his broom, Tom slides over and both of them continue to play chopsticks that amazed the audience. The evening continued with Sage the belly dancing dishwasher, and Linda the owner playing cords to old time sing along songs.

Somewhere toward the end Julia, Paul and Rosey slipped out to rest up to be our Sunday guests at Jack’s ocean front house (across Highway one) for, our version of elegance, an Abalone champagne brunch on a $10,000 set of Royal Blue Copenhagen dishes.

Julia, Paul,  her assistant Rosey, Jack and the team hit it off and Julia returned two more times.  Now imagine the Julia team driving a couple hours  to Napa for a week of elegance.  I am sure that Julia and her team enjoyed them both. They were just different experiences.

PS: Believe it or not on my other blog I was sharing how I applied the Cove’s Quality System, invented by Jack, to a 40,000 person worldwide company to become Manager of Corporate Quality Improvement some years later.  Someone read that post and found their diploma from Cookery At The Cove.  What a small world.

Feel free to comment or ask a question. EB

Living your purpose

29th December 2010 by Ed 2 Comments

As we close 2010 and greet 2011, You should know that I am a Christian and a recommitted  follower of Jesus Christ since February 18, 1984. So when it comes to motivational stuff, I know that all good things come from God. To prove that I will be using the Bible and Bible verses to confirm that some (maybe even all) of the popular motivational thoughts drawn from ancient wisdom came from the Bible. I am not a trained Bible scholar, so this is your opportunity to constructively comment  growing the ideas in a  positive way to help all of us who read this blog.

In this episode, we will explore Life Purpose. This article titled “Living your purpose”  was published a month or so ago in a small  Christians In Commerce Newsletter and address some of my thoughts on the topic. So here we go:

I know that God through the years has led me to have favorite Bible characters that have had special meaning to me thereby giving me an anchor in the Word and special understanding and insights into God’s purpose for my life.

One of these characters was Nehemiah, the king’s wine steward. He was a guy I could relate to because of my own background as a wine and food writer for over fifteen years. But Nehemiah was more. I asked God why Nehemiah had such a burden for Jerusalem’s fallen walls (Neh 1:4) that would cause him to risk his cushy job to become a project manager hero of the Old Testament.

About six years ago in thinking about God placing this burden on Neheimah’s heart, I asked God what burden did You place on my heart?  After praying that question, I sensed that God made everyone an individual with a unique purpose that only they could accomplish in their unique way and no one is helping them find it.

What I have concluded thus far is that God uses who we already are, our unique experiences, our unique desires, and our unique gifts to fulfill His purpose for our life in a unique way.

I just finished reading a book by Robert Morris called From Dream to Destiny. Robert used another Bible character Joseph to illustrate the ten tests you must go through to fulfill God’s Purpose for your life.

He concludes “You will not know specifics. All you really know is that you have a gift and a direction from God, so you must be faithful to that gift…after you stepped into your destiny, you will look back and understand.” See Genesis 45:5-8 and think about this and your calling or what burden God has put on your life.  We know just do it moves people in the secular world maybe just prayerfully do it is a Christian version.

How to Discover Your Dream Career

10th November 2010 by Ed 1 Comment

This short presentation was targeted for students at UC Santa Cruz and presented live on Friday November 12, 2010 3-5 PM at the UCSC Career Center. But it is not limited to the students who attended this presentation, it is for anyone wanting MORE out of life. I will be part of a career panel and  have about 15 minutes to get three key points or tools to help you discover your dream career.

In my meeting with students, I have seen and heard many visions that are limited to just  finishing school and finding a job. I was there as well, At seventeen,  I choose engineering because I hated writing and was fairly good at math. I choose an engineering school because it was small and I thought that I would goof off too much if I went to a big university (my second choice). I choose a job in San Francisco because I liked to be near the ocean and if I didn’t like the job at least, I thought, I would like the city. I was right I liked the city but not the job.

After several careers, there is more to life than just JOB. I want students to look beyond finishing school, to look beyond just  getting a JOB, and to look for direction toward their life purpose, their life’s work, and their Dream Career. One’s life’s work should be something you get to do and not just have to do. Because this is so important I have written my presentation notes and will issue them as blog posts.

It is my prayer that this work adds a purposeful and meaningful direction  to your life. Please comment. Your comments will encourage others to comment and all will grow from you sharing your thoughts.

If you attended the presentation, please comment on this post and other posts. Share any of your thoughts, insights, and/or revelations. What’s your passion? What’s your dream career? Click the comment link below the title to add a comment. Bookmark this site so you can return for more posts based on the presentation.

Thank you. EdB

Here we are almost the last day of December 2010, UCSC International Students this  blog post is for you to add comments and ask questions about building your dream careers.

One person asked about the book I recommended: it was  Dale Carnegie’s How to win friends and influence people.  Published years ago it still should be available at Amazon or Bookshop Santa Cruz, or the Book Cafe in Capitola can order it for you.  I think it should be required reading for every high school student,  US or International. Mr. Carnegie shares human relation principles that are still valid today in helping win friends and influence people.

Here’s a tip (or assignment)  that will help you make friends with a stranger.  “Ask them what they do for a living or like to do for fun? And get interested in knowing more about their work or their interests.  What you are listening for is find some common ground where both of you can have a conversation.  A friend Clarence says that ” A stranger is just a friend you have  not met yet.”  (Please add your comments to this post and tell us how it went.)

Find your purpose and live it

1st February 2010 by Ed No Comments

For Believers who are looking for more out of life


Finding and Living God’s Purpose for Your Life

  • Jump start your search for life satisfaction in a supportive environment
  • Use the individual pieces of your life experiences, passions, and desires to put it together
  • Find your strengths and unique characteristics
  • How do other people see you? (An outside-in look at yourself)
  • Find out how to identify main passion and which will propel your into living your dreams
  • How does God see you? And He has a unique plan for your life
  • You will leave with an assessment of who you are based on your excitement for life
  • You create a vision of dream of what a satisfying life could look like
  • You will create a plan to move forward toward your dream

Please see the right side bar for more information about upcoming live events. Email sign ups are required to get the preliminary information and confirmation of the exact the location.

Ed Borowiec 831.335.3785

Re-inventing myself, break explained

22nd November 2009 by Ed 4 Comments

I have taken some time to re-invent myself so-to- speak. This blog is still a place where you can comment on your success stories using success principles. But for me to be motivated by you I need input from you the reader. With only a one person opting-in for the Insiders Club either something is not working or there is no interest. If you are reading this an have felt that I fizzled out. I did but it is quite possible the feedback mechanism is corrupted. So if you have tried to respond and have not heard from me. Here is my direct email address and thank you for even a one or two line direct note.

During my absence, I rethought my past a found something much deeper.

What I was looking for when I was 21 in 1967, was not only what I wanted to do with my life but it was: What was my God given purpose? What was it that God had planned for me before I was born? Psalm 138:8 and 139:16 ed